Overview of onboarding steps

Welcome to the onboarding guide for the IBM Hybrid Cloud partner ecosystem program. This page provides an overview of the steps.

Each page of this onboarding guide has a Next button at the bottom, to allow you to progress through the complete onboarding process. Additionally, the pages are listed in the left-hand navigation panel. You will need to complete all of the steps for one level of partnership before moving to the next level.

Rungs on a ladder

The easiest way to understand the onboarding process is as a progression through rungs on a ladder:


  • Each IBM Hybrid Cloud offering has customized requirements, pertaining to that offering. A partner must meet the offering-specific requirements to achieve the level of partnership with that offering. Therefore, a partner can be at different levels of partnership with different IBM Hybrid Cloud offerings.

  • The decision to create an IBM part number (SKU) for reselling or OEM'ing a partner product, is made by the IBM product team and is typically used to fill gaps in the IBM portfolio. An IBM part number is not a standard benefit of the ecosystem program. To understand embed, co-sell, and resell options: https://ibm.box.com/s/ayg6t95xo0ng1yf6oljlxlhiug9brzdl

  • If you want to embed an IBM Hybrid Cloud offering in your software product, there's a special agreement for that, with a deeply discounted price. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

  • To schedule a meeting with us, email [email protected]

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