2. Technical solution integration
Audience: Technical

Cloud Pak for Data partners

To be a Verified solution for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, your product must integrate with the Cloud Pak or consume Cloud Pak services. To get started, see the Cloud Pak for Data Onboard Guide
When the integration is complete, you will be showcased on the Cloud Pak for Data Community page: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/cloudpakfordata/partners-catalog

Industry Cloud partners

To be a Verified solution for an IBM Industry Cloud, such as Financial Sector Cloud or Telco Cloud, your product must integrate with that Industry Cloud. Please email [email protected] for the specific Industry Cloud integration criteria.

All other Cloud Paks and Edge partners

Create an architectural diagram of the integration points between your solution and the IBM Cloud Pak or Edge Computing offerings. Email this diagram to [email protected].
Visibility of assets: IBM technical validators -- To perform technical validation of your solution/service. These assets are only visible to a small team of IBM technical validators. They are stored in an IBM-internal Box folder with controlled ACL.
Here is an example diagram:

CP4MCM Partners:

Click here to find out more about integrating with the SDK: https://github.com/IBM/CP4MCM-SDK
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