2. "Better together" recording

The next step is to record a 5-minute video explaining the joint value proposition. We require that it have a clear "Better Together" message. You must talk about the IBM offering, not just your own product.

These recordings typically consist of slides for the first half and then a product demo during the second half. It doesn't have to be customer-facing quality; think of it as seller training. You aren't required to show the IBM offering in action. We'd be happy to schedule an hour to listen to your dry run, give you feedback, and then record it.

Important: Use of the IBM eight-bar logo is highly controlled. Instead, use the letters IBM in a large, bold font.

To complete this step:

Email your recording to [email protected]. We prefer a link, rather than a file -- this way you can keep the file up-to-date, rather than sending us send us a copy that will become stale.

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