2. "Better together" recording
Convince IBM sellers/stakeholders that the addition of your solution/service into the proposal they pitch to their customer will increase customer value, helping them to sell more IBM offerings (meet their quota). Let the sellers know that your solution/service is complementary to the IBM offerings, not competitive and there is an opportunity to collaborate to provide the customer with a more comprehensive proposal.
The next step is for you to record a 5-minute video explaining the joint value proposition. We require that it have a clear "Better Together" message. You must talk about the IBM offering, in addition to your own solution/service.
These Better Together recordings typically consist of slides for the first half and then a demo during the second half. It doesn't have to be customer-facing quality. You aren't required to show the IBM offering in action.
Visibility of asset: IBM Sellers -- To prepare the IBM Sellers (Client sellers, Product brand sellers, and Partner sellers) to talk to their customers about your solution/service. The better together recording will be stored in our sales enablement repository--visible to IBMers only, not other partners.
Important: Do not use the IBM logo; it is highly controlled. Instead, use the letters IBM in a large, bold font.

To complete this step:

Email your recording to [email protected]. We prefer a link, rather than a file -- this way you can keep the file up-to-date, rather than sending us send us a copy that will become stale.
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