3. Seller enablement

Audience: Business

We prefer for you to host collateral for IBM sellers and send us links, so we always have the latest versions of the documents, rather than you sending us copies that will become stale.

You already created some good collateral for sellers as part of becoming a Compatible solution:

  • "Wow” slide deck

  • Joint value proposition PPT

  • Joint value proposition Demo (recorded) -- IBM can host, if needed.

The next step is to provide a deeper dive, to enable our technical sellers to explain your solution to their clients.

Create a Sales Kit

Here are the items needed by IBM's technical sellers:

  • A tech seller training/demo, with discussion of deep integration between the IBM offering(s) and partner solution

  • Access to expiring NFR software so the IBM tech sellers can demo the partner solution

  • Deal progression contact information

You will also create a Sales Kit following our provided template, which includes

  • Use case outlining how a client would benefit from the joint solution

  • A technical sizing guide

  • A technical configuration guide

  • The contact info for a technical liaison

You can find the template here: https://ibm.box.com/shared/static/g1izth81jw6dbjjsn9fxsf39ihqwyvae.pages

In addition, the IBM strategic sellers need a hotline/contact to discuss and progress joint opportunities.

Email the links and files to the IBM seller-facing collateral to [email protected].