Marketing Messaging
Making Great Messages
Whether new in the market, or well established, great messaging is key to driving awareness, standing out, and creating interest.
To help, IBM and Brand Publis have created an online messaging course that's available to any partner with access to IBM Training. In this online course, the team will step through how to make your market-ready offering really matter in the market.
Getting to market with a great product or service is only half the battle; going to market is the other half. And when it comes to the marketing side, the game has gotten more and more complex as audiences have become more digital, more savvy and far more demanding. Delivering marketing that exceeds expectations starts with great messaging.
IBM has partnered with external consultancy Brand Publis (who specializes in all things marketing and works closely with IBM's own marketing teams) to create a tailored course for IBM's Partner community. The course is anchored in the Brand Publis framework, covering the 5 key modules of great marketing: the messaging.
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