Automation Foundation

Tap into a shared Automation services

The IBM Cloud Paks for Automation are built on a shared Automation foundation which provides a set of common AI and automation components that power each intelligent IBM Cloud Pak and provide security-rich integrations between them. Key components in the Automation foundation include:
  • Process mining: Process mining applies data science to discover, validate and improve workflows. By combining data mining and process analytics, organizations can mine log data from their information systems to understand the performance of their processes, revealing bottlenecks and other areas of improvement.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA): Automate repetitive tasks by mimicking the actions of humans interacting with software applications.
  • Task mining: Find low-hanging RPI opportunities to improve workforce productivity.
  • Unified asset repository: Get and store reusable automation artifacts such as starters (eg. Prebuilt bots) and templates.
  • Single event hub: Process the business and IT event data from the IBM Cloud Paks for Automation –in real time –to feed AI and machine learning.
This shared Automation foundation is not sold separately, but as a Business Partner, you have the opportunity to tap into IBM’s shared automation services to build and enhance your own Automation solutions to:
  • get insight into how your processes run
  • visualize hotspots and bottlenecks
  • pinpoint what to fix with event detection
  • use financial impact information to prioritize which issues to address first.
Last modified 5mo ago
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