Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Automate business operations to achieve better performance

Companies that effectively apply intelligent automation across their enterprise expect to outshine peers in profitability, revenue growth, and efficiency over the next 3 years. And while most companies understand the benefits of automation and have even adopted some automation capabilities into their operations, it can be challenging to understand and implement an automation solution. A recent survey indicated 73% are 1-2 years away from creating a plan to operationalize enterprise digital strategies.
Your clients want to achieve better business performance by applying intelligent automation to transform core operations. An Automation practice built on IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation can help them do this. It provides the following capabilities:
  • Process analysis: Use existing data to explore and identify where automation can help create the greatest impact.
  • Task automation: Augment your workforce with Robotic Process Automation (RPA –ie. “digital labor”) to allow humans to focus on higher-value work.
  • Document processing: Capture, classify documents and extract data using pretrained deep learning models to get more out of your data.
  • Workflow orchestration: Create and manage AI-directed workflows to choreograph human and automated activities, improve consistency and increase straight-through processing.
  • Decision management: Combine business rules and machine learning to rapidly adapt to business change and help make intelligent operational decisions.
  • Content services: Use AI to gain a better understanding and provide better governance to share, manage and collaborate on enterprise content.
As an IBM Business Partner, you can leverage IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation in your Automation Service practice to help your clients.
The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation delivers these benefits by helping clients design, build and run automation bots, applications, and services on any cloud, using pre-integrated automation technologies and low-code tools.
Companies can get started quickly, start small, and scale to meet the needs of their business over time in three major ways including:
  • Augmenting the Workforce. Automate repetitive human tasks to increase employee productivity.
    • Deploy digital workers to collaborate with humans where workforce gaps are identified.
    • Enable employees to focus on higher value work.
  • Applying Intelligence. Leverage data with intelligent automation and reveal actionable insights.
    • Extract structured data from unstructured documents.
    • Use AI to understand text and content.
    • Apply machine learning to predict outcomes and automate decisions.
    • Infuse business processes with AI.
  • Digitizing and automating work. Make the business more efficient, ready to respond to change, and scale straight through by:
    • Digitizing content and eliminating paper.
    • Automating decisions.
    • Managing and monitoring digital workflows.
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