Cloud Pak for Integration

Automate application and data flows to improve client experiences

Companies have continuously been confronted by the challenge of data that resides across broad hybrid environments. In recent years this has been compounded by the need to connect systems and applications across multiple clouds –both public and private –and also to on-prem facilities. In addition to addressing these challenges, an Automation practice built on IBM Cloud Pak for Integration can now also deliver a new,AI-accelerated approach to integration. This approach enables extended teams to create integrations, leverages a complete set of integration styles, and embeds AI and automation across the integration lifecycle.It provides the following capabilities:
  • API management: Rapidly secure and manage your entire API ecosystem across multiple clouds.
  • Application integration: Integrate applications and data no matter where they live.
  • Enterprise messaging: Receive the information you need when you need it –once and once only.
  • Event streaming: Build intelligent, responsive applications that react to events in real time.
  • High-speed data transfer: Move data of any size or volume around the world at maximum speed.
  • End-to-end security: Create a persistent encrypted connection between environments.
As an IBM Business Partner, you can leverage IBM Cloud Pak for Integration in your Automation Service practice to help your clients.
Last modified 8mo ago
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