Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Automate IT operations to deliver actionable insights

Clients are looking for an AIOps solution that lets you deploy advanced, explainable AI across the ITOps toolchain to confidently assess, diagnose and resolve incidents across mission-critical workloads. An Automation practice built on IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps can help them do this. It’s unique application-centric approach to ITOps helps automate labor-intensive IT processes and proactively mitigate high impact events.It provides the following capabilities:
  • Group events: Automatically see top-ranked similar incidents to any given event description for faster resolution.
  • Detect anomalies: Let automatic parsing detect anomalies in logs and alerts earlier than rule-based alerts.
  • Acclimate to your apps: Correlate, curate and highlight the most relevant data across tools without manual investigation.
  • Localize incidents: Derive root fault component and blast radius of affected components to isolate problems faster.
  • Manage proactively: Proactively avoid incidents with explainable AI that advises based on inputs across DevSecOps.
  • Remediate change risk: Validate policies during development with AI-driven reports on policy risk at the time of code build.
As an IBM Business Partner, you can leverage IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps in your Automation Service practice to help your clients.
Last modified 8mo ago
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