IBM's automation strategy

IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Software Strategy supports three core technology imperatives that will define success for our clients:
  1. 1.
    IT will become decentralized, open and secure.
  2. 2.
    Intelligent Automation will fuel the future of work.
  3. 3.
    Winners will scale the value of Data with AI.
Figure 1: Enterprises are rapidly modernizing with digital reinvention in mind
IBM's Hybrid Cloud Software is uniquely designed to help clients address these imperatives. Our strategy is simple:
  • We Automate
    Intelligently automate workflows and experiences to significantly improve the productivity and quality of outcomes from both workers and customers alike.
    Progressively “dial up” the level of automation from helping people learn, to helping them detect opportunities or problems, to helping them decide on the right course of action, to actually acting on their behalf to complete a task.
  • We Secure
    Secure your business against threats while also managing risk and compliance throughout your business.
    Align your security strategy to your business, integrate solutions that protect your digital users, assets, and data; and deploy technology that can manage your defenses against growing threats with AI, all within an open, multicloud environment.
  • We Modernize
    Modernize businessIT landscapes from the data center to the Edge by taking advantage of enterprise-grade, cloud-native technologies that run anywhere, on any cloud.
    By creating a more open and decentralized approach to IT, businesses can become more agile and responsive to ever-changing business needs, run and integrate workloads where they make the most sense and reduce overall operating costs.
  • We Predict
    Increase the value of business data and become a more predictive enterprise by seamlessly collecting, organizing and analyzing data regardless of its type or where it lives.
    By unlocking the value of data and infusing AI throughout the enterprise, businesses can better predict and shape future outcomes, empower people to higher value work, automate decision making and better humanize experiences.
IBM’s Automation Strategy is to bring AI powered automation technology to information centric jobs with a platform strategy -- a single solution that connects and automates business and IT together to accelerate revenue growth while controlling costs. Clients can purchase capabilities as needed to automate specific parts of their business and IT, all leveraging the same common set of AI-powered Automation services.
As we move forward, IBM’s Automation Strategy is evolving in several ways:
  • From leveraging structured processes and data, to leveraging unstructured processes and data
  • From siloed IT and business processes and systems, to shared and converted IT and business processes and systems
  • From discrete handoffs to humans, to natural human / bot collaboration
  • From reactive, to proactive and predictive
At its core, IBM’s AI-powered Automation framework will help address four business performance challenges:
  • Discover how your processes run by collecting, organizing and classifying vast amounts of data.
  • Decide what and how to automate by identifying and prioritizing where automation can boost performance.
  • Act across business and IT by empowering employees with intelligence to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Optimize for continuous improvement by capitalizing on insights to proactively improve workflows.
To accomplish this strategy, IBM has packaged its Automation Software into these areas with specific use cases, each corresponding to an IBM Cloud™ Pak.
IBM Cloud™ Paks are tools to develop comprehensive business solutions in the area of your choice, on any cloud.
They are enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions that give clients an open, fast and secure way to move core business applications to any cloud.
Each IBM Cloud Pak™ runs on Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud, other public clouds, or on-premises. IBM Cloud Paks include containerized IBM middleware and common software services for development and management.