Appendix A: Dataset Deployment for CPD on OpenShift

This appendix describes the sections of the Deployment Documentation URL.

Detailed description for each section with example:

Mandatory Instruction Sections:

1. Cloud Pak for Data Environment Prerequisites

This section will describe the hardware and software resource dependencies required to install the carry out your use case
The following requirements must be met to deploy on CPD:
Cloud Pak for Data Cluster Hardware Requirements:
· Min Hardware Requirements Documented Here:
Software Requirements:
· IBM Cloud Pak for Data Addon Software requirements:
· Security Software requirements (If Any):
· Third Party Software requirements (If Any):
· Specific Version Dependencies (If Any):

2. Dataset Deployment and Usage on Cloud Pak for Data Instructions

Dataset Deployment:
This section will explain the deployment and setup workflow for the customer to understand what steps are involved in deploying the Dataset on their Cloud Pak for Data Environment.
1. Download Dataset
a. From this URL: <Insert URL here>
b. Make an API call: <Insert instructions here>
2. Importing Dataset into a Cloud Pak for Data Database
a. Provide a DDL file for users to execute data import
3. Processing Real-time streaming data on the platform
a. Provide instructions for setting up IBM Streams connector for CPD

Dataset Usage:

This section will explain the Cloud Pak for Data user workflow from the point that the Dataset is imported into a Cloud Pak for Data – Data Source. This includes a sample use case for the customer to follow to check if the Dataset is imported and setup correctly for usage.
1. Connect Cloud Pak for Data Database to Cloud Pak for Data Watson Studio Notebooks (Jupyter Notebooks framework) - for Data Scientist Persona or Cloud Pak for Data Cognos Analytics Dashboard - for Business Analyst Persona
a. You should include instructions on how your users connect the Data Source to a Watson Studio Project or Cognos Analytics Dashboard
2. Analyze your Dataset Watson Studio Notebooks using this sample notebook or with a Cognos Analytics Dashboard
a. You should produce a Jupyter Notebook file for your users to upload to a Watson Studio Project to perform analysis with your imported Dataset
b. Or you should produce a Cognos Analytics Dashboard that works alongside your stored Dataset
3. Use Cloud Pak for Data Watson Machine Learning models within your Watson Studio Notebook to run predictive analysis on your imported Datasets
a. You should produce a Watson Machine Learning Model that can be executed from the Watson Studio Notebook

3. Support/Help Documentation

This section should provide link and details on support contacts and help documentation.

4. Troubleshooting Guide

This section will describe any installation/setup error troubleshooting steps or links to the troubleshooting guide.

5. Sales Support Details

This section will provide details on how to contact the sales support or provide information on purchase of the product.