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We're glad you're here. If you're a new IBM partner or simply looking to build a relationship with us and you're a technology-based company, you're in the right place.
The main purpose of this guide is to walk you through the steps to get listed in our IBM Sterling Partner Solution Showcase, but before we get into that, it will be good to understand the partner program that we're making available to you and how this fits in:
As called out in the video above, this program is about providing meaningful co-marketing benefits to you as our valued partner. Whether you're an independent software vendor (ISV) or a Systems Integrator (SI), you can create innovation with and around our applications that we'd like to help you get out into the market.
First, you'll need to build and validate one of the following types of solutions:
  • Accelerator - purpose-built technical assets that speed up solution deployment for clients which involves an IBM, and often, one or more 3rd party application(s).
  • Connector - use-case driven integrations that are repeatable, often extensible, and combine an IBM application with any 3rd party application or other IBM solutions.
  • Extension - installable plugins, AI skills and mini-apps that are built within an IBM application providing additional utility not available by the base IBM solution.
  • Application - independently developed and marketed software solutions that have been built on top of an IBM application or platform microservices and APIs.
Beyond the basic technical review, each of these solutions will include a set of key sales-enablement assets that we'll ask you to submit (based on templates we'll provide) so that our global sales team can become an extension to you as an extended sales channel.
Now its time to determine which path you'll take:
If you've already created a solution and you'd like to get listed, then simply jump to the IBM Validated Solution step-by-step guide.
Otherwise, if you're interested in building something new and bringing it to market with us jointly, you can find more information about our IBM Sterling Supply Chain Strategy and then you can reach out to me, Seth Lytle, [email protected] to get an initial discussion going on how to best get you up and running in the best way.
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